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Welcome to the new AKOP 2.0 web site.

List of the latest evolutions of this application:
2019-02-11SWA quote validation: add the final customer name in the validation mail
2019-02-05Teamtrack saily report: got rid of empty cells in the SWA end date column
 For systems that never had SWA the cell in column SWA end date was left empty causing a problem for the Teamtrack input process.
Now the system creation date is plaved in this cell is these cases.
2019-01-09Bug fix: when registering licenses from a voucher, the verification screen was incorrect
 The verification screen would double the quantity of added functions.
2018-12-20Voucher: in the list view, when searching, show all vouchers, even totally registered.
 When looking for a voucher it is puzzling that AKOP finds nothing because the voucher is already entirely registered. Now when a search criteria is provided, all corresponding vouchers will be listed.
Registered vouchers will be greyed out.
Registered SWA components will be greyed out a well.
2018-11-28Customerbase: added end of SWA date in the filtering capabilites
 Allows to display only systems with expired SWA, and/or systems with SWA expiring before a certain date (by default within 3 months).
2018-11-21SWA quote: management rationalization
 1. added detailed access rights
2. list of partner quotes
3. detailview: display existing quote content without creationg an XLS file
4. reclaculate a reseller quote by a distributor to generate the SAP quote with the right price.
2018-10-18SWA quotes: change in the way promotions are indicated
 When displaying a quote, promotions are now displayed on demand below each system benefitting of the promotion instead of a generic text below the table.
To display/hide the promotion text, one must click on the asterisk to the right of the system ID.
2018-09-28Voucher: reseller order number and new activaton button
 Reading and storing of the reseller order number of present in the voucher XML file from SAP
Added a licence activation button in the compnenet list block.
2018-07-06SWA quote: change of policy [JIRA] (ECM-9885)
 1. Grace period suppressed: Re-enlist fee is applicable from the first day after SWA expiry date.
2. Re-instate fee = 20% of 1 year
3. Quote validity changed from 90 to 120 days or end of SWA whichever comes first
2018-07-05Customerbase: code rationalization and table edition available to partners
 Make display and table edition field management systematic. This allows for easy code modification in the future.
2018-07-03Voucher registration: forbid partial SWA registration
 If you register a partial quantity of SWA, it is not actually registered and misleading history information can be recorded. Now you must enter enough SWA to cover all added licenses or no SWA at all.
2018-05-17License sheet: add SWA dates after license addition
 Add new SWA dates
Add dislaimer line at bottom of the page
2018-04-30Voucher: modification of the system ID entry and registration to make the process simpler and less prone to errors
 IDs for new systems are now entered on the line of the system part number. Therefore each ID is already linked to a system type, minimizing the possibility of making an error when registering the system.
2018-04-27Customerbase; allow for downgrading in simple cases
 In 90% of cases, downgrading is required following the careless upgrade to the latest release,skippig intermediate releases. It is now possible to downgrade if nothing else happened since the upgrade.
2018-02-16Customerbase: choice of the number of lines per page displayed
 default 33 lines, max 100 lines or the number of IDs entered in the ID field.
2018-02-16customerbase: display the bas of a holding company
 Companies can be defined as subsidiaries of a "holding" company. If one selectes the holding company in the Company field of the the filter, the systems from all subsidiaries will be displayed.
2018-02-02Service Quote: user interface modification
 Change ID inpur field in textarea so the entire string of ID is always visible. Extended size to 1500 chars (about 100 IDs)
2018-02-01Various bug fixes: error labels in ID exchange, license transfer max
2018-01-30Customerbase: added filtering capability on customer ref.
2018-01-29License transfer: forbid the tranfer of non-transferable licenses
 Base licenses (System, privilege, premium...) cannot be transfered or suppressed from a system. Now the transfer/suppress screen does not allow the user to enter a value on these lines but displays "Not transfereable" instead.
2018-01-22Bug fix SWA quote: better SWA reinstate waved message when the customer is the owner of active Support (APS)
2017-12-20Licenses: SWA coverage details added to the system sheet
 The list of all parts and their start and end SWA coverage dates is added at the end of the system sheet, .
2017-12-18Licenses tab: When searching an obsolete EID, look for replacement EID and display relevant information
 Instead of the simple indication "this equipment Id is obsolete (replaced by...)", AKOP now looks for the replacing EID and displays all relevant information immediately.
2017-12-14Bug fix UCaaS: automatic SWA renewall does not work on 7450
 The code was limiting the automatic SWA management to systems requiring the SWA end date coded in the keycode (Mv5000 release 6.2+)
2017-09-05License transfer: allow transfering obsolete licenses
 AKOP prevents registering obsolete licenses on a système. But this is now allowed for transfering licenses.